Samsung Galaxy S3: all the details
The Samsung Galaxy S3 – the best Android phone ever?
Everything you need to know about the new Samsung Galaxy S3 Android super-phone, launching at the end of May.
Rabid speculation has surrounded the Samsung Galaxy S3 for months but now the follow-up to the world’s best-selling Android smartphone has finally been unveiled.
According to Samsung the Galaxy S3 is ‘inspired by nature – it sees, listens, responds, and allows you to share the greatest moments’. But cutting through the hype, this really does sound like being a new benchmark for Android phones, here’s what the Galaxy S3 has to offer:
Samsung Galaxy S3 – release date
You won’t have long to wait to get your hands on the phone. Samsung has confirmed that it will be out at ‘the end of May’. The global release is expected for 29 May with the UK launch following on Wednesday 30 May.
Samsung Galaxy S3 – how it works
Featuring the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system (Android 4.0.4 to be precise), the phone is controlled using a smarter, reworked version of the Samsung TouchWiz interface with a look and feel that fulfils the ‘inspired by nature’ ethos. The clever Hub system is still in place, organising stuff like your social networks, music, games and videos into dedicated hubs for quick and easy access. Samsung has souped-up its voice control function with the new Smart Voice that works just like Siri on iPhone. There’s also a clever Pop-up Play multitasking feature that, for example, lets you carry on watching a video in a smaller window while you respond to a new message.
Samsung Galaxy S3 – how it looks
Amid all the hype, the puzzle piece that no one could crack was just what the new Samsung Galaxy S3 would look like. The result is a slightly bigger build than the Galaxy SII that’s still ultra-thin and extremely light. The design is gorgeous – all soft edges and curves in contrast to the square lines of the iPhone. Click here to see a gallery of images.
Samsung Galaxy S3 – the processor
The S3 is powered by Samsung’s new 1.4GHz chip called the Exynos 4 Quad, offering superior performance with 20% less power consumption than the SII processor. This is how Samsung’s head of Device Solutions, Taehoon Kim described it: “The quad-core processor offers phenomenal multitasking abilities surpassing any single or dual application processor. Since all the cores must share a single battery, the power management and efficiency in the limited battery capacity are indispensable for mobile computing devices.”
Samsung Galaxy S3 – the screen
Setting a new standard for phone displays, the 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen is genuinely stunning and makes the iPhone retina display look small and unimpressive in comparison. The eye-pleasing HD resolution of 1280×720 is a treat for watching high definition videos and showing off photos.
Samsung Galaxy S3 – the cameras
An 8MP sensor provides compact-digital-camera standards of photography with 1080p HD video recording. It can take three photos manually per second, or 20 in a row (at six per second) in burst mode and features autofocus, LED flash, geo-tagging, touch focus functionality, face/smile detection and image stabilisation. HD video calling is also covered off with a 1.2MP front camera.
Samsung Galaxy S3 – everything else
The final specifications to tick off are the 1G of memory, a choice of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB storage capacity and Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC capabilities. And if you expect all this advanced tech to hammer the battery life well worry not, Samsung has even upgraded the battery from 1650mAh to 2100mAh. Pricing is expected to be around £520 for an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 with contract deals starting from about £36. Keep an eye on the Tesco Phone Shop for the latest deals as they come in.
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