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Caught all round the UK coastline, lobsters are shellfish and are easiest to handle bought cooked. Frozen lobster at Tesco comes from Canada. Simply defrost it and serve, or boil for a few minutes to re heat. Lobster is delicious removed from the shell and added to salads, risottos, pasta recipes, and fish cakes.
How to prepare
Pull off the claws and crack them. Remove the white meat.
Then cut the lobster in half. Place it the right way up on a board. Using a large pointed chopping knife, locate the centre of the cross on the top of the head, and push the point vertically through the shell and down through between the eyes. Turn the fish around and with the knife reversed in the same hole cut down through the tail. Remove the grey feathery gills. The top shell will have a little cream in as a crab, and the body (where the legs and claws were attached) contains more white meat. Use the handle of a teaspoon to remove the meat.
Some lobsters contain a green liver or ‘tamale' which may be eaten, and is considered a delicacy, but not everyone likes it, so separate it out and try it cautiously.
Serving suggestion
Try Lobster Thermidor, where the meat is chopped and returned to the shell then coated with a rich double cream, mustard and white wine sauce, sprinkled with Parmesan and grilled until golden.


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